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My Morning Skin Care Routine

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Morning skincare tips

Hi guys!  I thought I would share with you my morning skincare routine 😊 In the morning you are getting your skin ready for the day so it's all about protection and preservation.  

The first step I do every morning is to use my frozen jade roller. jade roller Jade Roller

Yes, I keep mine in the freezer (I actually keep two of them in there and use both every morning).  This is seriously is so refreshing!  I use them as I sip my morning coffee and read all my social media comment you guys have left ❤️

Next, and after my coffee is done it's time to move to the bathroom sink.  Here I splash cool water on my face.  Sometimes If I feel like my skin needs it, I will use a toner (ours is coming soon!).  

Then I apply my Eye Corrector Serum. Eye corrector serum I can't stress enough how a very little bit of this is all you need to use, like seriously this jar will last you until 2050! Just pump not even a half pump onto your fingertips and pat and rub in circles around your eyes.  Remember to use this on your eyelids too because it is the perfect primer for your eye shadow. Pat and rub, pat and rub!

Then I use our Pro-Repair SerumPro repair serumThis serum is so matter what season/weather you are in, your face NEEDS hydration and this serum will provide that.  Use one or two pumps, if it feels sticky to you then you have used too much.  Our products are formulated so a little bit goes a long way.  Rub in circular motions and pat into your skin.  You can also use your jade roller to rub this into your skin.  

Lastly, before applying my makeup, I use our Hydrating Face Moisturizerevery morning.  

Hydrating face moisturizer

This is a basic and easy routine to follow with only 3 products needed to refresh and renew your skin for the day.

Morning skin care

That's it and now I'm on to applying my makeup and heading out for the day.  I will post my evening routine soon! Please share any questions or comments below 🌿

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