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My Evening Skincare Routine

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My Evening Skincare Routine

Hi guys!  So I promised you quite a while ago that I would do a blog post on my evening skincare routine.  So sorry it took so long!  

Speaking of nighttime first, I want to show you this new pillow I just got for my bed.  I love the texture!

Blush shag pillow

My husband isn't as crazy about it as I am, he wants to know why there is a pink pillow on our bed.  I explained to him that it is not pink, it's blush and he just looked at me like I'm crazy!

So when I get ready to call it a day, get into my pajamas and tend to my skin I love to create a spa-like feeling in my bathroom.  I light a candle, play some music in the background and just kind of decompress while I do my routine.  Here are the products that I use:

Nighttime skincare routine

First I use our Charcoal Face Sponge and Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser to wash my makeup off.  I never thought I would be a fan of an oil cleanser, but I will never use anything but now.  Next, I put a half of a pump of Eye Corrector Serum on my left index finger, rub it into my right index finger then lightly dab this all around my eyes.  Don't forget to go all the way up to your eyebrows, your eyes age all the way up.  Now I move on to my Wrinkle Recovery Serum and lightly smooth about 2 pumps over my whole face.  You need your retinol at night!  After this, I generously apply our Detox Nightwear Cream.  This is one of my favorite products.  It goes on so smooth, doesn't clog your pores, is an anti-inflammatory and smells wonderful.  When I'm all done with my face, I move onto my decollete (neck).  This area of your skin is super thin and can show signs of aging even before your face so make sure you treat it right.  I apply a generous amount of our Decollete Restore Cream to my neck and chest area.

As you can see, I have one of our candles burning while I do this whole process.  My favorite lately has been our Citrus Sage Soy Candle.  If you have any questions at all about my routine, please ask below.  I am always here to help you choose which products will work best for you.  You can also email me at

The next thing I normally do is grab a big, warm pair of cozy slipper socks and sink my feet into them!  

Cozy slipper socks

My feet are always so cold!

And lastly, I love to curl up in bed with a great book and read a little before it's lights out.

On The Island by Tracey Garvis Graves

By the way....if you're looking for a good book, I can't put this one down! 😉

3 Responses


May 09, 2019

I just started that book and can’t put it down!! I really enjoy reading your blog. I’m trying to be more routine with my skin care and your blog gives me good ideas and hope. 🥰


May 08, 2019

I read that book last month! It was really good.


May 07, 2019

Thank you for sharing your nighttime routine. I love your pillow!

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