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The Perfect Summer Lotion

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The Perfect Summer Lotion

Hi!  I'm just popping in quick tonight to talk a little about our Memorial Day weekend get-a-way and a brand new lotion we brought in.  Did you guys do anything fun over the long weekend?

We went to Ceder Point Thursday.  If you're not familiar, it is an amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio that has some crazy, crazy rides!

Ceder Point

We didn't ride be honest, we didn't ride anything like this! 🤣  We had a lot of fun walking around, checking things out and enjoying our lake view from our hotel room.

Lake Erie sunset

We left on Friday and took a ferry over to Kelley's Islands.  Check out all of the fun things we did and saw on my Instagram Stories

So while we were enjoying our beautiful first Summer weekend, I may have forgotten to put sunscreen on.  I know....totally ridiculous and I'm so ashamed.  I got burnt to a crisp and my skin was on fire.  When we got home, I was so happy to see my shipment of Lavender Lotion came in. 

Lavender lotion

I immediately put this lotion on all of my skin that was burnt and felt instant relief. This lotion is packed with aloe and all natural oils and really soothed my burning skin.  The lavender essential oil is a natural antibacterial and this is not a heavy lotion.  I saw a total difference in my skin the next morning. 

Seriously, get yourself a bottle and throw it in your purse, you will thank me by Summers' end! 

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June 03, 2019

Oh…I do this all the time! I’m heading to your website to get me a bottle of this lotion now! 😊

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