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Why your décolletage needs its own set of skin care products

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Why your décolletage needs its own set of skin care products

Décolletage meaning

The décolletage is the area of skin under your neck and between your breasts. It may also be referred to as the décollete, chest or cleavage area.

This section of skin care (along with your neck) has its own set of skin care rules, and you should be using products that are exclusively formulated for its distinctive properties. 

Decollete Restore Cream

How is our décolletage skin different from our face?

We’ve been told that we should be extending our skin care products past our jawline and down our necks, even onto our chest area, but while this is a good habit as a bare minimum, your neck and décolletage deserve their own set of products. Because the skin here is different.

“The skin on the neck and décolletage is more delicate than the skin on most of our face,” says Philippa Curnow, National Training Manager, who notes that it is more consistent with the skin around the eyes. “This décolletage skin is thinner, contains very little oil glands, has fewer hair follicles and is often exposed to (unprotected) UVs and other environmental factors (like pollution) more so than the rest of our body.”

Chest and neck

2 products you need in your décolletage skin care routine

So how can we prevent and reverse the signs of aging and damage to our décolletage region?

#1 / Sunscreen

“SPF, it’s the number one anti-aging product you can use,” says Dr Murad. “Most of our skin damage occurs when we are young. 

#2 / A décolletage treatment

A body moisturiser won’t cut it when trying to treat and reverse damage on the décollete. Look for a Decollete Restore Cream specifically for this area; it will be designed to repair the décollete with the right balance of active ingredients without over-sensitising your skin.



3 Responses

FT Styles
FT Styles

April 13, 2019

So glad you are enjoying our blog, we enjoy seeing you here! 🥰


April 10, 2019

Now that I’m getting older I can see the changes in my skin in this area! I really need to start tending to it. Loving your blog posts!!


April 08, 2019

Great info. I also did not know that is what that section is called. Thank you for sharing!!

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