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Winter Skin Care vs. Summer Skin Care

2 min read

Winter Skin Care vs. Summer Skin Care


When skin is exposed to the harsh winter weather, it takes a beating, becoming excessively dry, irritated and chapped. Clothing protects most skin, but we often fail to protect our faces. Moving indoors isn’t any better. Constantly running heaters and dehumidifiers sap every bit of moisture from the air.  My skin is extremely dryer during the winter months as I'm sure yours is too.  My skin care routine is much different during the winter months.  Since I started using the All Natural Products by I am loving the results I'm getting so I wanted to share my routine with you. 

Winter skincare routine

MORNING:  I start with Eye Corrector Serum.  I give that a couple of minutes to dry and then I put on the Illuminating Universal Primer  You don't need a lot of it and if your face feels sticky after it's been on for a while then you've used too much.  (Guilty! haha For whatever reason I love to slather on the products and it's just not necessary with these products) I top this off with the Hydrating Face Cream.  

EVENING:  I love to wash my face with the Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser  It works really great and I feel like it adds a little extra oil to my dry skin without leaving it oily.  Next, I put on some Wrinkle Recovery Serum, give that a minute to dry and finally I put on the Detox Nightwear Cream.  This Night cream is the BEST for your winter skin. When you wake in the morning your face will feel nice and soft and hydrated!



During the summer, temperatures warm and more skin becomes exposed to the elements. Higher temperatures and humidity levels increase the amount of sweat the body produces. As a consequence, skin becomes oilier and more prone to pimples and other irritation. Swimming is great; however, exposure to harsh pool chemicals and saltwater can lead to excessive dryness.

Summer skincare routine

MORNING:  Much like my winter routine, I start with Eye Corrector Serum then the Illuminating Universal Primer  And now I use the Regenerative Moisturizer.  This is a great lightweight moisturizer for summer.  It's not heavy and yet it still moisturizes nicely!

EVENING: I do the same as my morning routine.  These products are perfect for the summer "elements" that my skin is exposed to.  I still use the Regenerative Moisturizer but only when I feel my face needs a little extra moisturizer while I sleep.  I also use a few dabs of the Decollete Restore Cream to my chest but I only use this EVERY OTHER NIGHT.  Lastly, I have added the Oatmeal Soap to my shower routine.  I get a lot of "itchies" in the summer from working and being outside a lot and the Oatmeal soap helps to alleviate them.  Also, if you just rub the bar on your skin (without using a washcloth) it helps to exfoliate.  That's a win-win for me!  

The best skincare products

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope that it is helpful.  Please feel free to ask questions or add comments below.  





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