About Us

I have always loved jewelry.  It just truly makes me feel better about myself, makes me feel pretty and it is fun to wear trendy pieces!  

As I begun to research suppliers I learned a lot about Fair Trade and how these artisans are striving to better themselves….I fell in love.  Seriously, what doesn’t feel better than helping someone that is trying so hard to help themselves?  So, I put all of this in motion and I created FT Styles.  Where I like to think we have something for everyone.  Our price points go from low to high, our fashion goes from trendy to off the wall and you can choose to support Fair Trade artisans or you can just grab a new necklace (we don’t judge!)  One thing I can promise you though is that you will ALWAYS receive great customer service. From the beginning to the end.  I truly look forward to each and every relationship I will have with you.  ~ Tracy