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Jade Roller

Face rollers are an effective tool for achieving clear skin that is not puffy.  Rolling the stones across your skin can drain excess fluids from your face, help your skincare products absorb into your skin, and even combat wrinkles.

Our all-natural jade roller is a handheld massaging tool made with two jade stone heads.  It boosts blood circulation, reduces under-eye swelling, and helps products absorb better into your skin.

How to use

1. Start at the chin, and roll horizontally out to the hairline. The pressure should be light and comfortable on the skin.

2. Move up to the nose, and roll from the corner of the nose out towards the ears.

3. Use the small end of the jade roller, and place it in the inner corner of the eye. Roll out toward the temples.

4. Place the roller on the eyebrows, and roll downwards, ending at the temples.

5. Roll from the eyebrows upwards to the hairline, moving across the forehead.

6. Finish by rolling the middle of the forehead horizontally out towards the temples.


Ask a Question
  • Can I use this to rub my serum into my face?

    Yes!  Our jade roller assists with infusing your skin with serum.  We totally encourage this.

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