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7 Chakra Healing Crystal Set

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Enhance your energy levels with our 7 Chakra Healing Crystal Set. This set contains seven crystals which correspond to the seven major chakras, providing an effective means of balancing your energy and improving your overall well-being. Perfect for any crystal enthusiast looking to restore their energy levels or restore peace and harmony.  This set includes 7 following crystals and comes in a beautiful burlap carrying case.

Clear Quartz - Protection, removes negative energy
Amethyst - Insight, relieves stress and anxiety
Sodalite - Cleansing, brings calmness
Green Aventurine - Prosperity, brings joy
Tiger Eye - Emotional balance, removes fear
Rose Quartz - Love, helps deal with emotions
Jasper - Healing, boosts energy

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All crystal jewelry will come with a guide explaining how to cleanse, wear, utilize and set your intentions for your new crystals!


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