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Chalcedony Crystal Necklace

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This Chalcedony Crystal Necklace is the perfect accessory to elevate any look. The chalcedony crystal radiates beauty with its natural color variations and breathtaking sheen. A timeless piece, it's perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.  Chalcedony crystals are also perfect for gift giving.

Emotional and Mental Healing:

    • Promotes balance and harmony: Chalcedony is often seen as a stone of balance, bringing the mind, body, and spirit into alignment. It's said to soothe anxiety, stress, and negativity, and cultivate feelings of peace and tranquility.
    • Enhances communication: Wearing or holding chalcedony is believed to improve communication skills and self-expression. It can help you speak your truth with clarity and confidence, particularly useful for those struggling with public speaking or assertiveness.
    • Dispels negativity: Chalcedony is thought to absorb and dissipate negative energies, both internal and external. This can lead to a more positive outlook on life and improved emotional well-being.
    • Boosts self-confidence: By calming self-doubt and promoting inner peace, chalcedony is said to enhance self-confidence and encourage a more open and enthusiastic approach to life.

Physical Healing:

    • Supports the immune system: Certain varieties of chalcedony, like blue chalcedony, are believed to boost the immune system and support overall health.
    • Alleviates inflammation: Chalcedony is attributed with anti-inflammatory properties, potentially aiding in soothing conditions like headaches, sore throats, and skin irritations.
    • Benefits specific organs: Different color variations of chalcedony are associated with healing specific organs. For example, blue chalcedony is linked to throat health, while orange chalcedony is believed to benefit the circulatory system.
  • Improves mineral absorption: Some believe chalcedony aids in mineral absorption and combats mineral buildup, potentially enhancing overall health and vitality.

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The chain is 9" long with a 2" extension.  The crystal is approximately 1" long.

All crystal jewelry will come with a guide explaining how to cleanse, wear, utilize and set your intentions for your new crystals!

crystal healing practices and believed to offer various benefits, it's crucial to understand that it shouldn't replace professional medical care or treatment. If you're experiencing any health concerns, consult with a doctor or qualified healthcare provider for proper diagnosis and guidance.


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