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Triple Grounding Bracelet Set

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This set includes three 4mm bracelets on strong stretch cords.  2 African Turquoise & 1 Black Agate.   When worn together these crystals are believed to have a powerful effect, potentially amplifying their individual properties:

✨ Grounding: Connecting to the earth's energy, staying present and mindful. This connection can have various health benefits, including reducing inflammation, improving sleep, and alleviating stress.

  • Balance: African turquoise is associated with communication, self-expression, and the throat chakra. Black agate is grounding and protective, associated with the root chakra. Together, they can create a balance between the higher and lower chakras, promoting both creativity and stability.
  • Protection: Both stones have traditionally been used for protection. Black agate is believed to shield against negativity and psychic attacks, while African turquoise is thought to protect against emotional harm and self-doubt.
  • Grounding and uplifting: Black agate's grounding energy can help balance the more airy and expansive qualities of African turquoise. This can create a sense of calm and focus while still allowing for creative expression.

    All crystal jewelry will come with a guide explaining how to cleanse, wear, utilize and set your intentions for your new crystals!


  • *crystal healing practices and believed to offer various benefits, it's crucial to understand that it shouldn't replace professional medical care or treatment. If you're experiencing any health concerns, consult with a doctor or qualified healthcare provider for proper diagnosis and guidance.


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