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Tiger's Eye Crystal Earrings

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These beautiful Tiger's Eye Crystal pierced earrings are very lightweight and comfortable to wear.  They are approximately 2" long and the crystals are about 1/4" wide.   Tiger's Eyes name comes from its resemblance to the fur of a tiger. The golden-brown color of the stone makes it instantly recognizable.  It has wonderful properties, pairs well with everything and is gorgeous stones.   Perfect for gift giving with FREE shipping!

Mental and Emotional:

    • Clarity and focus: Tiger's eye is believed to enhance mental clarity and focus, helping you organize thoughts and make decisions rationally. It's thought to be especially helpful for overcoming procrastination and boosting productivity.
    • Confidence and courage: This gemstone is often associated with strengthening self-confidence and inner strength. It's believed to help you face challenges with courage and determination, making you feel more empowered and resilient.
    • Balance and grounding: Tiger's eye is said to balance the mind and emotions, grounding you in the present moment and reducing anxiety and stress. It's believed to provide a sense of stability and security, especially during challenging times.
    • Motivation and willpower: Many believe tiger's eye can boost motivation and willpower, helping you achieve your goals. It's thought to encourage self-discipline and perseverance, pushing you to keep going even when faced with obstacles.


    • Energy and vitality: Tiger's eye is associated with increased energy and vitality. It's believed to combat fatigue and boost stamina, making you feel more physically capable and energized.
    • Pain relief: Some users report experiencing pain relief associated with tiger's eye, particularly for headaches, cramps, and joint pain. However, it's important to remember that it's not a substitute for professional medical care.
    • Eye health: Some traditions link tiger's eye to improved eyesight and reduced eye strain. While this lacks scientific evidence, it's an interesting belief associated with the stone's name and appearance.

Protection and Luck:

    • Protection from negativity: Tiger's eye is often used as a protective stone, believed to ward off negative energies and influences. It's thought to shield you from harmful thoughts and emotions, creating a positive and uplifting aura around you.
  • Good luck and prosperity: Many believe that owning or wearing tiger's eye can bring good luck and prosperity. It's seen as a talisman for success, attracting positive opportunities and abundance into your life.

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All crystal jewelry will come with a guide explaining how to cleanse, wear, utilize and set your intentions for your new crystals!

*crystal healing practices and believed to offer various benefits, it's crucial to understand that it shouldn't replace professional medical care or treatment. If you're experiencing any health concerns, consult with a doctor or qualified healthcare provider for proper diagnosis and guidance.


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